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Old-Fashioned Bread Made Fresh Daily in NJ

At Calandra’s Bakery, we believe in tradition. Since bread is one of the most classic staples at any wholesome bakery, we add time, attention, and detail into every single loaf of bread that we bake – creating it the old-fashioned way, with only four ingredients. What’s more, when you purchase our delicious bread from Calandra’s Bakery, you never have to worry about extra additives or harmful elements. We make each loaf to be 100% all-natural, and craft them by hand, from scratch, every single hour that the bakery is open. Our four main breads include white, semolina, whole wheat, and multigrain. We also offer a variety of other products as well!

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White Bread
Semolina Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Multigrain & Others

Classic White Bread

There’s nothing quite like a tasty fresh loaf of traditional white bread. As simple as our recipe is, we shape our white bread into a large number of styles. We love that white bread is so unbelievably versatile, and can be created in so many different ways – exactly 26 types of white bread are available in each of our bakeries, from a simple panella and a French baguette to an intricate twist and a beautiful bastone.

Round Italian Rolls

Long Italian Rolls

Pizza Bread

8in., 12in., and 14in. Subs

Split Sub

Large Panella

Panella Bread

Small, Medium, Large


Small and Large


Small and Large


Small, Medium, Large


Small, Large

Kaiser Rolls

Long Dinner Rolls

Round Dinner Rolls

St. Joseph’s

Special Heavy French

High Rise

Special Italian White

French Baguettes

One Cut French Baguettes

Egg Twists

Club Rolls

16in., 18in. Subs

3 Ft. Ring

One Cut Turkish Medium Bastone

Special Italian

Scrumptious Semolina Bread

Known as “pane di semola” in Italian, semolina bread is historically made on special occasions in Italy. It is made with semolina flour, which comes from the hardest kind of wheat available.  Its golden coloring makes semolina bread such a widely recognized bread type, and its firm texture makes it a one-of-a-kind delicacy. At Calandra’s Bakery, we bake simpler semolina breads, like round semolina dinner rolls, as well as fancier types, such as semolina bastone.

St. Joseph’s Semolina

Semolina Panella

Semolina Small Panella

Long Semolina Dinner Rolls

Round Semolina Dinner Rolls

Semolina Club Rolls

Semolina Bastone

Semolina Long Rolls

Semolina French Baguette

Whole Wheat Bread

Our whole wheat bread recipes combine optimal nutrition with a scrumptious flavoring that only whole wheat can provide. The bran, germ and endosperm of the wheat kernels all remain in our whole wheat breads, so it’s made up of wheat kernels – and all the nutritional value they have to offer. Customers can enjoy our whole wheat breads in the form of a whole wheat panela, round roll and more.

Whole Wheat Bastone (Large)

Whole Wheat Panella

Whole Wheat Special Italian

Whole Wheat Round Rolls

Whole Wheat 8in., 14in. Subs

Whole Wheat Large French

Whole Wheat Bastone Small

Medium Split

Whole Wheat Special Italian

Hearty Multigrain Bread & Others

Quinoa, wheat, oats and more are incorporated into our multigrain bread recipes. In addition to our multigrain bread options, we offer other miscellaneous types of bread, including rye bread, focaccia rolls and our unique and popular by demand focaccia onion rolls.

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain Long Dinner Rolls

Multigrain Round Dinner Rolls

Multigrain French Baguette

Rye Bread

Rye Round Dinner Rolls

Focaccia Onion Rolls

Focaccia Rolls

Stop at Calandra’s Bakery NJ Locations for Handmade Bread

While the world evolves and many companies change their products, our old-fashioned bread-making process is still as fresh as ever. We always hand-scale each loaf, the old-fashioned way, then bake them in our brick ovens. Fortunately, Calandra’s Bakery has three different locations throughout northern New Jersey – so if you live in or near Newark, Fairfield or Caldwell, you’re more than welcome to stop in and try out one of our hot, fresh, handmade loaves of bread for yourself. Disclosure: You’re probably not going to be able to buy just one product, whether it be cookies and cake, pastries or breakfast items! Please contact us by filling out a form online. We look forward to serving you!