Breakfast Treats Near You

Rise & shine… you’re late to work! In a panic, you’re swigging down your coffee while in mid sprint to your car, but it’s only then that you realize you forgot to eat breakfast. This scenario of morning treachery happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean your day is ruined! Find some time to slow down and spare a few minutes to enjoy the most important meal of the day at Calandra’s! Stop by Calandra’s Bakery for an unforgettable breakfast experience.

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big pecan pastry

Pecan Ring


Apple Horseshoe

pastry with apple filling

Apple Strudel

pastry with strawberry filling

Cherry Cheese Cobbler

apple crumb pastry

Apple Cheese Cobbler

pastry tray


Available in: Pecan, Cheese, Apricot, Prune, Lemon, and more

donut tray


Available in: Coconut Frosted, Sugar, Chocolate Frosted, Bavarian Cream, Jelly, Nutella, and more

donut tray

Variety of Breakfast Items

Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Danishes, Miniature Donuts, and more

A Variety of Breakfast Classics in New Jersey

You’re going to need something to pair with that cup of coffee! Calandra’s has all of your favorite breakfast treats readily available at our bakery locations. Every morning we freshly bake a variety of breakfast treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. Make Calandra’s your friendly wake-up call!

Gourmet Breakfast Bites

Calandra’s Bakery wants to fill your morning with excitement. Our gourmet breakfast items are guaranteed to light up your morning and add a little extra love to your first meal. Stop by Calandra’s to indulge in homemade croissants, Danishes, and many more of our favorites that can be seen in our gallery. Send your taste buds soaring with our new and classic breakfast treats!

Seasonal Sweets

We like to shake up the menu a bit as the seasons change! Our regular breakfast items are available all year round but we like to give our customers some added variety throughout the year. Every season has something special, and you’ll have to visit to find out what we’ve made for you!

Homemade Donuts

Mornings just aren’t the same without this staple treat. The donut is a treasured morning delicacy that’s too enticing for your own good! Calandra’s Bakery has homemade donuts to take your breakfast to the next level. Our donuts are made from scratch with our quality dough and are available coconut frosted, sugar coated, chocolate frosted, Bavarian cream, jelly, nutella and more. Visit our bakeries to enjoy your favorite flavors!

Add Variety to Your Breakfast at Calandra’s Bakery

We want to offer you a larger variety of breakfast treats to satisfy your morning hunger! Box up your favorite Calandra’s specialty breakfast treats to-go for the best morning get-together with friends and family. Calandra’s Bakery is dedicated to providing our customers quality-baked goods with ingredients they can pronounce. Check out our exciting specials or grab a gift card for someone special! Please contact us if you have any comments or questions! We’d love to hear from you!