The Best Gelato in NJ

Looking for the best gelato in New Jersey? Congrats, you’ve found it! Gelato is an Italian style ice cream, famous for the unique and varied flavorings available. From smooth classic flavors to bold inventions, Calandra’s Bakery gelato is homemade and absolutely unbeatable. Our authentic Italian gelato is enjoyed by customers of Calandra’s three locations throughout New Jersey.

How It’s Made

Our gelato is handcrafted with fresh milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings such as purees from fresh fruit and nuts at all three of Calandra’s Bakery NJ locations. Everything is handcrafted and made fresh, guaranteeing the highest quality gelato that you will just have to taste to believe!

Different Types of Gelato

With over 20 different flavors in rotation, here’s a look at our personal favorites:

vanilla gelato

Sweet and simple, vanilla gelato is a classic favorite.

Vanilla Gelato

vanilla gelato

A vanilla ice cream flavor with shavings of chocolate throughout. Stracciatella Gelato is adored by many.

Stracciatella Gelato

mint gelato

Pistachio is one of the most popular gelato flavors in Italy. A little nutty, a little sweet – always a great choice.

Pistachio Gelato


Biscottino is “little cookie” in Italian. Enjoy this sweet and yummy gelato flavor at Callandra’s.

Biscottino Gelato


This sweet and nutty flavor is adored by people of all ages. Pair the hazelnut gelato with coffee for the perfect treat.

Hazelnut Gelato

raspberry gelato

If fruity is more your style, you will love the raspberry gelato at Callandra’s.

Raspberry Gelato

strawberry gelato

Our strawberry gelato is made with real strawberries. It is perfectly fruity and creamy for a warm day.

Strawberry Gelato


Tiramisu is so much better in gelato form. Coffee, mascarpone cheese and sweet sugar make this an irresistible frozen treat.

Tiramisu Gelato

chocolate gelato

Both fruity and chocolate-y, what’s more to say? Our chocolate raspberry gelato is a crowd favorite.

Chocolate Raspberry Gelato

chocolate gelato

For the more refined gelato consumer, our coffee gelato is sophisticated and bold.

Coffee Gelato

chocolate gelato

A classic flavor that will always be a favorite among the masses, you can’t go wrong with the bold, sweet, classic chocolate gelato.

Chocolate Gelato

Fresh Gelato Near You

When looking for gelato near you, make sure you frequent an authentic Italian bakery to ensure you are getting the good stuff. Calandra’s Bakery, with locations in Newark, Fairfield, and Caldwell, New Jersey, is home to the most authentic and homemade family style Italian gelato in NJ. Stop by any of these three New Jersey locations for some of the most popular gelato flavors listed above and even more bakery products. Feel free to contact us today so that we can get started on serving you!