Best Cannolis in New Jersey

Award-Winning Cannoli in NJ


Originating in Sicily, cannoli come from the Palermo and Messina areas. Historically, cannoli were prepared as a treat during Carnevale, which is a Christian festive season that occurs before Lent. While today they are enjoyed year-round, with ingredients of cheese, chocolate, lard, sugar and even wine, it’s no surprise that this indulgent dessert was a staple before the fasting season begins.

Literally meaning “little tube,” the fried, dough shell is filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta cheese filling. With only two major components, each has to be absolutely delicious to create the perfect award-winning cannoli!

To create the perfect cannoli shell, they must be made fresh. The labor-intensive process includes mixing the dough, rolling it out into disk-shaped pieces and frying each one until lightly golden and crisp. When it comes to the filling, ricotta is the main foundation, and is usually sweetened with cane sugar or honey. Once you have your base, the possible additives are endless! From mascarpone, whipped cream, chocolate chips and other delicious add-ons, anything goes when crafting a cannoli.

Where to Find the Best Cannolis in New Jersey

Cannoli cupcakes

Whether you’re looking for a traditional cannoli or a fun variation on this Italian staple, Calandra’s Bakery has you covered. No matter which one of our three New Jersey bakery locations you visit (Newark, Caldwell or Fairfield), all of our cannoli are made daily with the finest and freshest ingredients and they were even voted Best in the State by NJ Monthly Magazine! Some of our staple cannoli products include:

●      Cannolis

Our cannolis are available in both traditional shells and chocolate-covered shells.

●      Cannoli Cupcakes

Our cannoli cupcakes are available in both vanilla and chocolate.

●      Cannoli Cake

Our delicious vanilla cake is made with cannoli filling and icing, and topped with crushed cannoli shells.

●      Jumbo Cannoli

We make a large cannoli shell that is then filled and decorated with mini cannoli. It’s the perfect dessert that brings quite the “wow” factor when feeding a crowd.

In addition to our traditional cannoli products, many of our other sweet treats can be made with our award-winning filling. Be sure to ask which of our other desserts are made with cannoli filling when you stop by!

Authentic Italian Bakeries in New Jersey

Cannoli Carrot cake

Never had a Calandra’s Bakery cannoli before? Once you try one, we promise you’ll be back! Be sure to visit us today in Caldwell, Fairfield or Newark, New Jersey, to pick up a box full of fresh and delicious cannoli. While you’re here, be sure to pick up some of our other delicious bakery products, including our miniature cheesecakes, variety of cupcakes, donuts, Danishes, hot bread and more! For more information about our hours of operation or directions to our bakeries, please contact us today:

●      Newark Bakery: (973) 484-5598

●      Fairfield Bakery: (973) 227-5008

●      Caldwell Bakery: (973) 226-8889