Sweet Suite – Calandra’s Italian Village

Calandra’s Sweet Suite Caldwell is the perfect way to elevate your wedding planning! Book this intimate space for your wedding cake tasting, date night, or a night out with friends!

We offer two packages for both wedding and non-wedding cake tastings in our Sweet Suite:

1 Hour Package $25 pp: includes a one (1) hour tasting, one (1) cocktail pp, two (2) chocolate-covered strawberries each, and a shared cake tasting board.

2 Hour Package $50 pp: includes a two (2) hour tasting, two (2) cocktails pp, four (4) chocolate-covered strawberries each, and a shared cake tasting board.

Call (973) 226-8889 Opt.2 now to book this private space for your wedding cake tasting, date night, or girl’s night out!
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Located inside Calandra’s Italian Village
Calandra’s Bakery Caldwell 234 Bloomfield Ave. Caldwell, NJ 07006


Where is Calandra’s Sweet Suite located?
Calandra’s Sweet Suite is located inside Calandra’s Italian Village at 234 Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell, New Jersey.

How do I book the Sweet Suite?
To reserve the Sweet Suite, please call Calandra’s Bakery Caldwell directly at (973) 226-8889 Opt.2.*

*Please specify when calling if this is for a non-wedding or wedding cake tasting. If this is a wedding cake tasting, please keep in mind availability may be limited beyond the dates/times listed below as wedding cake tastings must be booked within the schedule of one of our cake coordinators.

What days/times are available for me to book the Sweet Suite?
Cake tastings in our Sweet Suite are available 7 days a week with limited time slots available. Reservations are available at 11:00am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm, 4:00pm, 5:15pm, 6:30pm, and 7:45pm only.

What is the maximum number of people you can accommodate in the Sweet Suite?
We can accommodate a maximum of 4 people in our Sweet Suite.

Are non-alcoholic options available?
Yes, we offer non-alcoholic beverages including tea, coffee, juice, and soda. While we do not have a mocktail list for you to choose from, you are more than welcome to order one!

What if I want more than one cake-tasting board to share?
Additional cake-tasting boards will only be available for 4 people.

I’m a bride and not interested in booking the Sweet Suite, are there any other options for me?
We do offer complimentary cake tastings for wedding cake tastings only. Please call the bakery directly at (973) 226-8889 Opt.2 to book your complimentary wedding cake tasting with us!