Best Graduation Party Dessert Ideas

Congrats, graduate! The best part of graduating may very well be the party that ensues afterwards. If you are planning a graduation party for yourself or a loved one, you want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect because everyone will remember this party for years to come. Part of a great graduation party is the perfect sweet treats available to indulge in throughout the night. Here are our favorite delicious desserts for a graduation party. Pick out one or order them all to impress your guests and properly celebrate a night of fun.

Bring an Italian Favorite…Cannoli’s!

Your graduation party will be one-of-a-kind with this special Italian-American dessert. A cannoli is a classic Italian dessert, adored by people all over the world. This dish is tube shaped with a fried pastry outside and an inner filling of sweet and creamy cheese. There are several variations of this dessert, but whatever kind you order you can be sure that this treat will wow all of your graduation party guests, especially in New Jersey!

Create a Custom Cake

A custom cake is such a special way to celebrate the graduate. From choosing a specific cake flavor, to the filling type, frosting, and special decorations – the possibilities are absolutely endless! Impress the honoree with a custom cake from Calandra’s Bakery that will truly celebrate this accomplishment. From carrot cake to chocolate strawberry shortcake or even gelato cake, you will not be disappointed. A custom cake will also ensure it is to the exact likings of your crowd, and that it is picture perfect for the big day.

Cookies are Always a Classic

What is a dessert table without some classic Italian cookies? For your graduation party in NJ, be sure to put in an order of cookies to share at your gathering. Select your favorite cookie flavor, or get a tray with an arrangement of the best sellers to give your friends and family some options.

Try Out a Pie

Graduation parties are typically in the spring or early summer, a time at which there is nothing better than a slice of pie. Calandra’s Bakery has several winning pie flavors, from classic Apple Pie to more inventive creations such as Coconut Custard Pie. The advantage of ordering pie as a graduation party dessert is that you can order several pies and different flavors, allowing everyone at the graduation party to pick a slice, or several, that best suit their tastes.

Cool Down With Some Gelato

Want to make your graduation party dessert truly unique? Forget the classic ice cream and instead order authentic gelato! Perfect for cooling down on a hot day, gelato is a crowd favorite in NJ. Impress your guests with a few amazing options of gelato, such as tiramisu gelato or raspberry gelato. At Calandra’s Bakery, our gelato is homemade with fresh fruit and ingredients, so it is sure to leave everyone satisfied.

Your One Stop Shop for Graduation Party Desserts in NJ

Not sure what dessert to have at your graduation party? Offer a variety of desserts with a dessert buffet style table at your graduation party, or come into Calandra’s Bakery to taste what you like best. Calandra’s bakery is New Jersey’s one stop shop for graduation party desserts. We will help you come up with the perfect offering to honor your recent grad and wow your guests. We look forward to serving you!