Made-to-Order Cakes for Graduates in NJ

At Calandra’s Bakery, we truly admire all of our hardworking customers – as well as their friends and family – who have recently graduated high school, college or graduate programs. Because a graduation of any kind is such an achievement, we believe that such an occasion calls for a special, custom graduation cake. They’re made to perfection to commend a loved one on their recent success, and give any graduation party a memorable ending.


NJ High School and College Graduation Cakes  

Like so many of our specialty cakes at Calandra’s Bakery, our pastry chefs work hard to make sure that each and every cake is specifically designed for the client’s personality, taste, preference and special occasion. Our collegiate graduation cakes can incorporate the recent graduate’s school colors, logo, mascot, academic specialty and profession.

Upon coming in for a custom graduation cake consultation, we advise our customers to bring along the graduation party invitation, photographs of other graduation cakes that they like, color schemes and any other creative materials that will help our staff brainstorm the perfect graduation cake. If this cake is a surprise to the recent graduate, then customers should gather as much information as possible about what they might want for their cake.


Specialty Graduation Cake Designs and Themes in NJ

Because our pastry chefs at Calandra’s Bakery are so highly trained – and have baked and designed thousands of different specialty cakes – we can do just about anything to make your dream graduation cake come true. From intricate designs to multiple tiers, it’s only a matter of what the customer wants and we’ll take care of the rest. Our experienced pastry chefs are well-versed in specialty designs, butter cream and fondant. We also offer a variety of cake flavors and fillings, such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, custard with fruit, pudding, chocolate mousse and so many more. Our customers are able to mix and match these fillings and flavors as they please to make their graduation cake exactly to their liking.


Book Your Graduation Cake Consultation Today in NJ

Graduating is such an amazing achievement, and we are proud to help our customers celebrate an important milestone in their lives. Customers are encouraged to book their graduation cake consultation at any of our three Calandra’s Bakery locations. Our bakery staff members will sit down with you to discuss ideas, themes, design requests and other specifics. At the consultation, we will offer you a complimentary cake tasting, so that you can sample all of our flavors and fillings before settling on your ultimate decision. Please contact us by filling out an online form to book your graduation cake consultation today. In the meantime, if you would like some ideas for their graduation cake design, they can check out our specialty cakes on our site, or look at the photos on our social media.

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