2018 Wedding Cake Trends to Look Out For

Tying the knot is always a special moment and after the ceremony, the reception is filled with nuances that celebrate the newly married couple. 2018 in particular has some of the prettiest and unique predicted forecasts as far as wedding styles go. This year, weddings will incorporate some fresh new aesthetic elements like textured linens, moody flowers and marbled dance floors. Wedding cakes in particular will be much more sophisticated and rich in design. Here are the most popular types of wedding cakes that brides and grooms will be the most likely to choose for their weddings in 2018:

1.    Hand-Painted Flowers

When it comes to weddings, florals play a large role—from the bride’s bouquet to the tables’ centerpieces, florals seem to find their way into just about every decorative aspect of any carefully planned wedding. Wedding cake might just steal the show as far as wedding flower décor goes in 2018, since hand-painted floral designs are expected to dominate the wedding scene this year.

2.    Classic Tiered

Tiered cake is a timeless wedding staple that only gets better with age. A perfect option for a bride and groom duo that wants to keep things elegant and classic, a layered wedding cake, complete with three tiers or more, is a foreseeable wedding cake choice for many wedding ceremonies in 2018. Tiered cakes aren’t just a smart wedding cake choice because of their stunning appearance, they’re also great for their versatility—each tier can be its own unique flavor, like red velvet, lemon or vanilla fudge.

3.    Unique Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns and shapes dominated both the worlds of fashion and interior design last year. Come 2018, the trend is here to stay. Bold, industrial and beautiful geometric shapes are expected to appear atop wedding cakes this year. Some bride and groom partners may have a specialty cake designer paint or airbrush the entire cake so that it is completely covered in a geometric design. Other wedding cakes in 2018 may take a different approach to the trend by incorporating an actual geometric-shaped element—like a geometric-shaped terrarium—as the cake’s main focal point. These geometric wedding cakes can be paired well with other decorative wedding décor that boasts the same pattern and style.

4.    Succulents

Succulents have gained popularity within the last few years. The hearty small-scale plants thrive indoors and outdoors, but what makes them so wedding-cake worthy is their overall aesthetic. Succulents are available in almost every color, including, purple, orange, red, pink and blue. There’s also a wide variety of succulent shapes and patterns available to replicate. That being said, there’s so much creative room to work with for pastry chefs and wedding cake bakers who are making a succulent-themed wedding cake, since they can use as many colors and styles as they’d like while piping edible versions onto each layer.

5.    Marble  

Marbled flooring is definitely a wedding must-have for 2018, so it’s only fitting that a cake-version follows suit. Marble wedding cakes will be popping up at tons of vow ceremonies this year. Most of these specialty wedding cakes will be a mixture of two darker tones, like gray and white, with some sort of color pop, like a floral design or color-blocking effect. The best thing about marble wedding cakes? They can be designed to fit so many distinctive tastes, from rustic to industrial. Many of the marble wedding cakes seen this year will most likely include gold flecks, as that is still an ongoing trend in the wedding industry.

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