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Stunning Specialty Cakes Kids Will Love

For those experienced with specialty cakes, a lot can be said for the amount of time and attention to detail each one requires. After all, these cakes almost look too good to eat. Any parent or guardian who is on the search for the perfect custom cake to get their child should be sure to check out these six amazing birthday cake designs that are suitable for any birthday party—especially if you’re looking for specialty cakes in New Jersey, where there are a handful of popular bakeries that specialize in creating beautiful, delicious custom cakes.

1. Candy-Themed Cake

Willy Wonka cake

Willy Wonka was the king of candy! This design takes the cake for the sweetest birthday creation any child with a sweet tooth could hope for. The two-tier cake is dressed in purple and yellow fondant to stick with the color scheme of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and contains edible, replicated items from the film, like the golden ticket and a chocolate Wonka bar. The real candy sprinkled onto the cake complete the look as a sugary finishing touch.

2. Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cakes have recently become the latest craze for birthday parties and it’s pretty easy to see why. The intricate flower mane and fun colors make this a true statement piece for any unicorn-themed birthday bash. This custom cake in NJ kicks the idea up a notch by layering the unicorn cake on top of a base cake layer, which is covered in rainbow-colored frosting swirls.

Unicorn cake

3. Puppy Dog Pals Cake

It’s safe to assume that any parent who has a child that’s pre-school aged or older knows that Puppy Dog Pals is one of the cutest shows on the Disney Jr. channel right now. For the boys and girls who are super fans of the show, this specialty cake is an excellent choice for a birthday party. The dog brothers (and stars of the hit show), Bingo and Rolly, make up both layers of the cake.

Puppy Pals cake

4. Wonder Woman Cake

There’s no better way to let a special girl know just how awesome she really is than with a Wonder-Woman themed custom cake. While it’s possible to get an image of the famous Wonder Woman on the top layer of a circular or rectangle-shaped cake, this specialty cake design—shaped and decorated exactly like Wonder Woman’s outfit—is a truly different and unique approach that will always be remembered.

Wonder Woman cake

5. Disney Princess Cake

Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Rapunzel might be some of the most cherished Disney princesses of all time, but Belle from Beauty and the Beast is a beloved character that children of all ages have come to know and admire. As far as custom birthday cakes in NJ go, this cake’s appearance is extremely simple yet completely elegant, making it all the more beautiful. A printed image of Belle on top is a must.

Disney Princess Cake

6. Football Stadium Cake

Sports fans come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Boys and girls who like to spend most of their free time at football games, or rooting for their favorite team at home every Sunday during football season, will be huge fans of this incredible custom cake shaped like an actual football stadium. Even though this particular cake design was created for the Super Bowl, it can be easily redecorated as a birthday cake featuring two of the birthday boy’s (or girl’s) favorite football teams.

Football Stadium Cake

Order a Custom Birthday Cake in NJ

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